Thank you Trekkers!

We had the most successful Trek des Trees yet this year!
With a total of 34 people and five teams the competition was terrific!


1. Wizened Geezers - Score of 81
Russ Carlson
Ellis Allen
Tim Lindsay
George Ackerson
Carl Cathcart

2. Team Velco - Score of 80
Bill, Amy & JC Conn
Jeff & Julie Disorda
Bryan McMann
George Casey
Michael Jerome

3. Rosaceous Bunch - Score of 78
Julie Coop
Marcia McPhee
Chip Doherty
Pat Lindsay
Mollie Freilicher
Sue Pfeifer
Kit Ganshaw

4. Team New Hampshire - Score of 67
Micum Davis
Dave Lee
Brian & Jackie Salas
Mark & Mike Salas

5. Left Thumb - Score of 53
Rebecca Smith
Brian Sullivan
Lee Gillman
Mark Barselle
Mary DiCarlo
Craig Hotchkiss
Kevin Shrader
Rufus Wanning
Trek des Trees Rally & Ride 2004 with John Wood, Director Valley Cemetery
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