Mark Chisholm, climbing demo, Manchester NH
Student Scholarship Winner, Ben Holden
Michael Dirr, author of Manual of Woody Landscape Plants
Women's Climbing Workshop - 2009 by Julie Mcintosh Shapiro
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Septermber 28, 2014


Location: Burlington, VT

Pruning Trees, Shrubs & Vines
Join Jen Kettell in a 3-hour lecture and demonstration where she will instruct
participants in the proper pruning techniques for ornamental trees, shrubs, and (the
often forgotten!) woody vines. Participants will learn about pruning objectives,
appropriate tools and PPE for pruning, tree biology, pruning techniques, and where
to seek additional resources.
Septermber 28, 2014


Location: Burlington, VT


Electricity is a serious and widespread hazard to arborists. In fact, electricity causes
about 30 percent of all fatalities in the tree care industry, making it the leading
cause of worker fatalities.

Since even a street lamp circuit or phone line can be energized with enough voltage
to kill, almost all arborists in the field have at least some exposure to this hazard. In
fact, workers don't even have to touch a wire to be electrocuted - about half of all
electrocution fatalities are the result of indirect contact. Tree branches and other
conductive objects are an ever-present threat for the industry.

All arborists must be trained to recognize and avoid these electrical hazards.  
Qualified line-clearance arborists must have additional knowledge about electrical
hazards and the special techniques used to work safely near electrical conductors.

Register Early.  Attendance limited.

Instructor: Sam Kezar
Postponed till Spring 2015
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6th Annual Women's Tree Climbing Workshop
Due to difficulties of attaining event insurance for this
workshop the WTCW will be postponed till Spring 2015.
5th Annual Women's Tree Climbing Workshop
September 20-22, 2013
Thank you a terrific workshop!
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Yale Cordage's Splicing Workshop
October 4-5, 2013
Thank you for attending and making it a great workshop.
Everyone passed their DE (Double Esterlon) double braid splice!
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Group photo of lunch - mmmmm
Kieran Yaple - Happy with first splice!
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Yale Cordage
New England ISA
Lucas Tree
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Fids & Fibers Splicing Workshop 2014

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