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Safety Saves and Annual Meeting (MAA)

Mass. Arborists Assoc. Safety Saves Event and Annual Meeting

Elm Bank & Ken's Steak House

Wellesley and Framingham, MA

Pruning with Intent

Pruning a tree to react in a way that creates a sustainable, safe and healthy structure in the urban landscape requires time and a very specific skill set. As a tree care professional you understand the dynamics of pruning, but does your customer get where you're going? When you prune with intent it is important to communicate what your intended outcome might be right from the start. We'll explore the concept of pruning with intent including specific examples from the field along with suggestions for how to communicate intent and manage customer expectations.

Framingham, MA

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By Mollie Freilicher, with input from Dr. Dennis Ryan

Arborists are often working in all seasons and in many types of weather. Each season has its challenges. One of the biggest challenges in winter is – not surprisingly—the cold. Make sure that you and your crews are staying warm enough to work safely and comfortably. Some things to consider: