Arboriculture 101 (CTPA)

A course for those wishing to advance in the field of arboriculture and to prepare for the Connecticut Arborist License exam.

This course is intended to provide the successful graduate with the basic information essential to a career in arboriculture. Students who attend class, read the assigned materials and work with the instructors can also expect to do well on Connecticut's Arborist Licensing Exam. However, the course's main goal is to provide that foundation that will assist individuals as they move forward in a career in arboriculture. In order to get the most from the course, students must make a commitment to studying. They must spend the time and effort needed to learn the covered material. Readings are assigned in advance of each class. Students are expected to complete these reading assignments. The instructors are drawn from throughout Connecticut's tree care industry. Also included are several scientists from the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station. This variety in instruction is one of the key strengths of the course. Please note - CTPA does not administer the Arborist Exam. That is done independently by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and the Tree Protection Examining Board. However, CTPA works closely with both groups to ensure that the material delivered in this course is appropriate to the exam.