City of Trees - How trees in the city make our lives better and healthier

12:00 1:00 p.m. (ET)

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The Clearing House project addresses a global challenge that unites European and Chinese cities in their quest to develop more resilient cities and liveable societies to improve human wellbeing. Our main focus is on tree-based green infrastructure which is the basis for “urban forests as nature-based solutions”. As part of this project’s citizen engagement activities, the City of Trees Inspirational Package for educators and students has been put together to bring inspiration to the classroom. Understanding the vast differences between European school systems, resources availabilities, not to mention the differences between cultures, schools, school cultures and cities in Europe and China, the City of Trees package has been created with these challenges in mind. In this workshop, Katriina Kilpi and Tine De Kezel from BOS+ introduce the results of the survey they ran in Barcelonian schools to better answer to the needs of the teachers, the City of Trees inspirational package itself, and walk the audience through the reasoning behind their approach as well as the how the lessons are put together. Katriina Kilpi works at the forest advocacy organization BOS+ in the Belgium where she deals with projects around nature, health and nature connection. Tine De Kezel is also employed by BOS+ and her projects involve education and outreach activities. 1 CEU is available for attending live!

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