Fungal Disease Management for Ornamental Plants (Free)

2:00pm 3:30pm


This is an online event

EPA to Host Webinar on Managing Fungal Diseases for Ornamental Plants

Ornamental plants, such as flowers and shrubs, bring beauty to their surroundings. However, imported varieties of these beautiful plants can also bring new plant diseases into the United States. The spread of these diseases can infect and potentially kill other plants, significantly impacting the domestic ornamental plant and landscape industries. In this free webinar, participants will be introduced to common fungal diseases of ornamental plants and learn how to manage and prevent them. Our presenter will describe the importance of integrated pest management, including the role of best practices in distribution outlets like wholesale nurseries, non-chemical controls (such as irrigation management, plant spacing, and fertilizer management), and the selective use of fungicides. Current research and experiences of commercial ornamental plant growers will also be shared.