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NEC-ISA Award of Distinction - Dr. H. Dennis P. Ryan III Award

The Dr. H. Dennis P. Ryan III Award is the highest honor bestowed by the ISA New England Chapter. It is given in recognition of outstanding service in advancing the principles, ideals, and practices of arboriculture. The award is granted to a dedicated and active member of the Chapter who has made seminal contributions to arboriculture, either through work in the organization, research, education, field practice or promotion. The award is limited to no more than one individual in a single year. Nominations are due AUGUST 31st.

Dr. H. Dennis P. Ryan III Bio - Dr. H. Dennis P. Ryan III, Professor Emeritus, was the Coordinator of the Arboriculture/Urban Forestry Program at the University of Massachusetts - Amherst and served in academia as a faculty member for over 30 years. Dr. Ryan was the Executive Director of Forestry and Horticulture for the Parks Department of the City of New York and is a former Chair of the ANSI Z–133 Arboricultural Safety Committee. In addition to his academic and municipal leadership, Dr. Ryan worked as a commercial arborist for ten years and continues a longstanding tradition of arboricultural consulting in the area of tree and arboricultural-related accidents. In his retirement, Dr. Ryan continues to serve the industry. 

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Past Recipients

Year President Recipient
2022 Doak Marasco Greg Lukos
2021 Sara Sankowich Julie Coop
2020 Heather Green Joseph Elkinton
2019 Rick Harper Melissa and Bruce Duffy
2018 Greg Lukos Robert Allen
2017 Fred Perry Richard Herfurth
2016 Brian Sullivan Melissa LeVangie
2015 Bear LeVangie Dr. H. Dennis Ryan III

ISA Gold Leaf Award

The ISA Gold Leaf Award is designed to recognize an individual, organization, or community in the New England Chapter for outstanding Arbor Day programs or community landscape beautification projects. This is an opportunity for the NEC-ISA to recognize projects that have had an impact on a community or region with an international award. Projects should show an impact over several years. Nominations for the award can be made in either of the following two categories.

Outstanding Arbor Day Activities - An award to recognize individuals, organizations, or municipalities that have promoted Arbor Day through special projects, ceremonies, news articles or observations with an Arbor Day theme.

Outstanding Landscape Beautification Activities - An award to recognize individuals, organizations, or municipalities that have made significant contributions through tree planting and landscaping which enhances environmental protection, conservation, beautification, air purification, or wildlife protection. Could also be for non-planting landscape activities that have had a positive impact in promoting tree care and tree preservation.

Know of someone in your community? Please contact the New England Chapter ISA to nominate someone. Nominations are due by September 1st. 

Past Recipients

Year Recipient Award Type Recipient
2022 Speak for the Trees Boston Outstanding Landscape Beautification Activities David Meshoulam
2021 Eversource  Outstanding Landscape Beautification Activities Stephen Driscoll
2020 Unitil Outstanding Landscape Beautification Activities Sara Sankowich
2020 Town of Hanover, NH & Dartmouth College Outstanding Landscape Beautification Activities John Sherman & Brian Beaty
2020 City of Nashua, NH Outstanding Arbor Day Activities Nick Caggiano
2019 Tree Northampton Outstanding Landscape Beautification Activities Sue Lofthouse
2019 Northampton Public Shade Tree Commission Outstanding Landscape Beautification Activities Lily Lombard
2019 City of Northampton Outstanding Landscape Beautification Activities Richard C. Parasiliti
2019 Massachusetts Arborists Association Outstanding Arbor Day Activities Natascha Batchelor
2018 Connecticut Tree Protective Association Outstanding Landscape Beautification Activities Bud Neal
2017 Worcester Tree Initiative Outstanding Landscape Beautification Activities Ruth Seward
2016 Saluting Branches Outstanding Landscape Beautification Activities Richard Cartier
2015 ReGreen Springfield Outstanding Landscape Beautification Activities David Bloniarz
2014  Vermont Urban Forestry Council Outstanding Arbor Day Activities Danielle Fitzko
2013 Portland & Brunswick Maine Yardscaping Project Outstanding Landscape Beautification Activities Gary Fish & Steve Heywood
2011 Bartlett Tree Experts Outstanding Arbor Day Activities Steve Heywood
2010 RI Tree Council Outstanding Arbor Day Activities  
2009 Roslindale Green and Clean Outstanding Landscape Beautification Activities  
2008 City of Bath Maine Outstanding Landscape Beautification Activities Tom Hoerth
2007 Town of Manchester Vermont Outstanding Arbor Day Activities Bear & Ryan Scovil
2007 Black Rock School & Garden Club Outstanding Arbor Day Activities Bob Boceik
2006 City of Newport Rhode Island Outstanding Landscape Beautification Activities Scott Wheeler
2005 City of Durham New Hampshire Outstanding Landscape Beautification Activities Dr. Bruce Bragdon
2005 Vermont Department of Parks and Recreation Outstanding Arbor Day Activities Bill Baron
2004 Town of Plymouth Massachusetts Outstanding Landscape Beautification Activities George Crombie
2004 Town of Oxford New Hampshire Outstanding Arbor Day Activities Richard and Joy Nalevanko

New England Chapter President's Award

What is the President's Award?
The President's Award is an annual award bestowed by the current president to a person who has inspired them professionally or personally within their career.

Past Recipients

Year President Recipient
2022 Doak Marasco Julie Coop, A.J. Dupere, Bruce Duffy, Rip Tompkins
2021 Sara Sankowich Anne-Maire Moran, John Parry
2019 Rick Haper Natascha Batchelor, Dr. Forest Bowlick, Dave Hawkins, John Kinchla, Alan Snow, Dr. Dave Bloniarz, John Parry
2018 Greg Lukos Julie Coop, Bruce Duffy, Heather Leff
2016 Brian Sullivan Warren Spinner
2015 Bear LeVangie Melissa LeVangie, Martha LeVangie
2014 Bill Conn Richard Herfurth, Melissa LeVangie
2013 Tom Morra Julie Coop, Heather Leff, Jen Kettell, Melissa LeVangie
2012 Christopher Rooney Keri Rooney, Heather Leff
2011 Tom Hoerth Mary Ellen Hoerth, Dennis Herbert, Jan Ames
2010 Julie Coop  
2009 Melissa LeVangie Julie Coop
2008 Tim Lindsay  
2007 Pete Hoag Mrs. Alex Shigo, Julie Coop
2006 Karen Doherty Richard Herfurth
2005 Andrew Noonan Melissa LeVangie
2004 Richard Herfurth Dr. Alex Shigo, Oscar Stone, Byron Kirby, Gordon King
2003 Dean Charter Andrew Noonan
2002 William C. Collins Larry and Indy Collins
2001 David A. Goodson Mark McClure
2000 Jim Ingram