Important Covid-19 Update for New England Chapter Members, ISA Certification and Qualification Holders

CHAPTER NOTE: COVID 19 UPDATE TO NEW ENGLAND CHAPTER MEMBERS: At this time, the New England Chapter ISA will be canceling or postponing all Chapter events, ISA Exams, ISA TRAQ Courses and TRAQ Renewal Courses through May, 2020. We are monitoring the situation carefully and will provide updates as soon as we have them. We advise that you follow precautionary measures as outlined on the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention website.  To learn more about the coronavirus disease, please visit the CDC website here.


Joint ISA/TCIA Essential Worker Letter

ISA is doing everything they can to ensure your certifications and qualifications remain in good standing during these uncertain times. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions that may be of assistance.

Will I be notified in case of an exam cancellation? How do I know if my exam has been canceled?

Yes, if ISA or one of our examination providers decides to cancel an examination event, all candidates enrolled will be contacted via email. If you are currently scheduled for an exam, please check your email periodically for notices.

At your earliest convenience, please log in to make sure ISA has the appropriate contact information for you, especially your email. If you are unable to log into your account, you may use the “RECOVER PASSWORD” button available or call us at +1.678.367.0981 to verify the information in your account.

If I choose not to attend an examination event, will I forfeit my exam enrollment fees?

  • I’m registered for a computer-based exam: if you would like to cancel your currently scheduled exam and take the exam later, please contact Pearson VUE via phone by calling 888.711.9958 (Call center hours are 7am – 7pm CST UTC-6, Monday – Friday) or through the Pearson VUE website. You should have your Pearson VUE candidate ID number available when you call. Requests must be received no later than one business day prior to your scheduled exam date and time. If Pearson VUE is contacted less than one business day prior to exam date and time, exam fees may be forfeited.

    To learn more about how ISA/Pearson VUE computer-based testing has been affected, please visit:
  • I’m registered for a paper-based exam held by an ISA component: for the next 90 days, ISA is foregoing any exam rescheduling fees if you wish to postpone and/or reschedule your exam date and can do so before the date scheduled for the exam. Please call us at +1.678.367.0981 or email [email protected] to postpone or reschedule your exam date.

Can I still enroll to take an ISA exam through a computer-based testing center?

Yes, you can still enroll. Please note though that, currently, a large portion of test centers have been closed and you may not be able to schedule an exam in the next 30 days at a convenient location.

When you enroll for an ISA computer-based exam, you have a testing-authorization period of 90 days from the date of enrollment. In the extenuating circumstances associated with COVID-19, we can extend this 90-day period upon request.

To learn more about how ISA/Pearson VUE computer-based testing has been affected, please visit:

If I postpone my exam or my exam is canceled how will it affect my one-year retake period?

If you are within one year of your original exam date, ISA can extend 90 days beyond the one-year exam retake period.

What if I am due to renew my ISA certification in the next 30-60 days and cannot attain Continuing Education Units (CEUs) due to event cancellations?

ISA is extending those recertification periods by an additional 120 days to allow for more flexibility. We also encourage credential holders to seek CEU opportunities available online.   

If I am an ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (ISA TRAQ) credential holder with an expiration date within the next 6 months and was scheduled to attend an event that is now canceled, will my credential expire?

You should receive a communication directly from us and your credential expiration date will be extended by an additional 6 months.